Landscaping is one of the first chances to make an impression on visitors to your facility. It truly represents the face of your business. If the outside of your office looks unkempt or disheveled, it could send the wrong information about how you operate.

Keeping up with landscaping not only adds to the curb appeal of a building, but it also increases the seller value and creates a welcoming environment for everyone. City Wide can help you understand your lawn and landscaping needs while overseeing the execution.

In order to ascertain the true value of this service, consider some of the following benefits.

Business Engagement

Landscaping has the power to either attract or discourage people to stay longer. A site that is well-manicured provides a beautiful frame for your facility and creates an inviting environment for employees, clients, and visitors. Fine-tuned commercial spaces can welcome guests and surround the property with life. Small, yet effective additions include:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Benches
  • Fountains
  • Low walls for seating
  • Artwork and sculptures

Anything added to the environment that encourages people to stay is a task City Wide can manage top talent to accomplish.

Conveying a Message

Your landscaping can also convey a message about your business. It’s a way to control the natural elements and aesthetics that surround your brand. Improved landscaping can translate messages like:

  • Soothing and healing – Zen and rock gardens
  • Fun and imaginative – Dancing fountains
  • Sustainable – Local plants, wildflowers, green roofs, and native grasses
  • Edgy – Geometric designs and minimalist plans

Whether you need help determining the message you wish to convey to visitors or it’s already been identified, City Wide can find the people to bring that vision to fruition.

Attracting Clients

The more interesting a landscape is the more attention it will attract. When the environment makes a bold statement, offers places to relax, and has plenty of shade in warm areas, it’s a great way to showcase the organization and professionalism of a business. On the contrary, if things look shabby or untidy, people may question your abilities.

Directing Flow

Sometimes, well-manicured landscaping has a more practical purpose. Strategically placed shrubs and trees direct people to the entrance points of your building. Pathways, walkways, and stone or brick features can help visitors quickly locate your business. In addition to function, these elements can make bold visual statements.

Accentuate Architecture

If you have a rather drab or boxy building, you can always dress it up with the right type of landscaping. Careful color and texture choices can reinvent the façade of your facility. On the inside, green walls and custom plant designs add a dramatic flair to atriums and courtyards. You can even accentuate the entryway by lining it with smaller trees or shrubs.

Suitable Solutions

Landscaping can be a daunting task and managing the process is a full-time job. City Wide helps you make positive changes by acknowledging your specific landscaping challenges and offering suitable solutions. The best management team for this process is one that will look at the specific requests of each organization, and perfect a strategy from there.

City Wide can build a landscaping plan that meets both your schedule, budget, and aesthetic needs. Our highly-trained and managed professionals will show a business how to make a lasting first impression, in the greenest way possible.